Twister taking a well deserved nap on a Tuesday afternoon

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Twister is doing very well getting around on three legs. Since he is growing, he can now jump on the couch without having to claw his way up it. He also can make it up and down the basement stairs, although he prefers staying in the living room. He plays all day with his kitten friend Woody (fuzzy picture below), and still goes in his cage on the coffee table at night to eat his can food and to sleep.


Pretty soon I am going to consider putting him up for adoption, and I have already stated that I want him adopted with Woody. Twister really relies on Woody for playtime and companionship, and they absolutely make a cute pair.


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Author: dlk1366

I have been a volunteer with Kindred Kitties of Kenosha, WI for 11 1/2 years. I foster kitties, am responsible for our Adoption Center one afternoon a week, and am on the Board of Directors. I am now fostering a kitty named Twister who was born with twisted legs. Surgery to move his kneecaps to correct the legs was only successful on one leg, so the other was recently amputated.

4 thoughts on “Twister taking a well deserved nap on a Tuesday afternoon”

    1. Even though Woody is younger and is small for his age, Twister really, really loves him. I consider Woody responsible for some of Twister’s therapy, as he wrestles with him, chases him, and Twister is always hopping around following him. Woody could probably live without Twister as he is more mobile and social with people than Twister is, but I really feel they need to be adopted together.

  1. Oh my goodness! CUTENESS ALERT!! Such an ADORABLE pair!

    You are a very special foster mom, that’s for sure!! I’m so glad both Woody and Twister will be able to stay together.

    So glad to hear how well Twister is doing AND to get to see these delightful pictures!

    Keep us posted!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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